Ma Egerton’s Stage Door

Ma Egerton’s Stage Door, 9 Pudsey Street, L1 1JA, 0151 345 3525,, @Ma_Egertons

When we heard a rumour that Ma Egerton’s were hosting a World Cup themed Pop Music Bingo night we were straight down there. Admittedly, we may not be the biggest football fans but we can’t resist a man in shorts and we do love a blow (of a whistle).

The pub is nestled right behind Lime Street and the Empire, it’s probably one of those places you don’t think you know, then turn up and think “Oh yeah! I know this pub”. Iain (owner/manager/quiz writing master) met us when we arrived and told us a little bit about the history of the pub and then sat us down at our very own Scousescran branded table… The stage was well and truly set for our performance.

Our ball skills were put straight to the test as we sampled the Mixed Olives and Garlic & Cheese Dough Balls to start, quite frankly it was a disappointment that we had to share, we could have munched away on the cheesy balls all night.


Next up was the moment we had been waiting for… *Drum Roll*… Pizza time! Ma’s have a selection of pizzas on their menu, all named after famous people that have stepped through their doors over the years. You can also mix and match if various toppings take your fancy, creating your very own Harry Houdini/Pamela Anderson lovechild… We let Iain order for us (brave trusting a fella aren’t we) – He brought us a ‘Tom Jones’  which consisted of chorizo, caramelised onion and semi dried tomato sprinkled with smoked paprika. England may have let us down but the pizza certainly didn’t!


Just as we were loosening the string around our shorts, our cheeseboard arrived. It looked so good that the woman on the next table was on the verge of biting us. As we tucked into our cheesy, meaty selection, we dug out our bingo blotters and hoped we’d be lucky enough for a 69er.


The bingo is hosted by Ma’s regular funny man Sam Avery (@samaverycomedy) who adds a lighthearted spin to the evening, without him it would no doubt be all blue rinses and batting grannies, plus he’s good for a hoot and a holler and we promise there’s not a knock knock joke in sight! Sadly we weren’t quite lucky enough to win one of the cash prizes (even after attempting to bribe both Iain and Sam) but we did walk away with a box chocolates, a belly full of scran and we had a lorra lorra laughs.


Whether you pop down one lunchtime to sample the pizza or participate in one of the quiz nights on a Monday or Thursday, we’d definitely recommend a visit to Ma Egerton’s. Our trip there is quite possibly the only good thing to have come out of the World Cup.

The Botanist, Chester

This is the moment we’ve been aspiring to all of our blogging career… Our first international invitation… To Chester!! The Botanist sent us an official VIP invite to check out their new ‘digs’ and we simply couldn’t resist. After paying our food tax (aka tunnel fair), dealing with Dee who thinks she’s Lewis Hamilton, subjecting pedestrians to our rendition of “bye bye miss american pie”, arguing over the best route to take and getting lost in the car park (clearly why we never leave Liverpool), we finally arrived.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.24.06


Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.41.08

We were shown upstairs to a garden courtyard area overlooking the bar, there was lots of ooing and arring from us girls so it must be cute! The best was yet to come though, we ordered a watering can (designed for four people to share), quite literally a watering can full of alcoholic and idyllic teacups… We were sold, when can we move in?! We may be un-invited from places for being so uncouth!

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.29.26


Pardon the silly disguise

Pardon the silly disguise

To start, we ordered Chicken Liver and Rum Pate with plum and apple chutney and the Pan Fried Garlic Mushrooms with crusty bread and truffle butter (although we held the bread for gluten free Deena Turner). The Pate was smooth with a breadcrumb topping and the chutney was sweet and delicious. The mushrooms were fungalicious and served in a trowel… Doesn’t everything taste better when it’s served in a garden utensil?!

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.32.39

We’d already drank the watering can dry so made a quick pit stop to order some more drinks (Watermelon Martini, Cherry Blossom and Blackberry and Rosemary Fizz).


Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.41.28

Next up we went for a Deli Board (made up from Houmous, Four Bean Salad, Mustard Seed and Red Cabbage Coleslaw and Chorizo). You can choose up to four items and is served with Turkish Flatbread), Gammon Cutlet with chips, fresh pineapple and fried egg and 9oz Ribeye with garlic butter and cheesy chips (well… You can take the girls out of Liverpool…)

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.35.43

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.36.18


Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.36.00


The deli board wasn’t quite up to our fussy Sharrons standards, the houmous was a little tasteless and needed more garlic and seasoning but with plenty of options to try you could easily find your own perfect combo. The garlic butter on the steak had soaked down onto the chips, winner winner Sarah’s steak dinner. The gammon was juicy and succulent, worthy of a good suck on the bone afterwards (luckily that’s something we have plenty of experience in).

The desserts swiftly arrived complete with our squeals of delight. Chocolate and praline mousse which was light and fluffy and lickabowlable and a marshmellow and strawberry hanging kebab with a hot butterscotch sauce to drizzle over both were swiftly devoured.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.38.19


Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.38.36


Overall, it’s well worth a trip to the Botanist, the staff are friendly, there’s  live music every night, pop in after work for a fit cocktail, it’s an luxury alfresco eating experience (whilst still being inside… Those Chester kids are crazy aren’t they). Next time we visit we may even be tempted to do a Charlie Dimmock…

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.40.35

Love your favourite Scousescran girls x


32 Hope Street, Liverpool. L1 9BX, 0151 708 9574, No sleep til Brooklyn! IMG_4954 When we were invited by Frederiks to come and taste their grub we bit their hand off. We are massive fans of the American food craze that has hit Liverpool. So we were hopeful it would rival its neighbour Free State Kitchen who were the winners of our burger challenge. They had a tough job on their hands but were off to a good start with our reservation sign, (also we got to park right outside- yes we are easily pleased.) IMG_4964 The menu is Brookyln born and bred but the interior is more “Skandi chic”, small but perfectly formed (just like us) with tables outside which will be lovely once Summer actually arrives. The decor was designed by the same peeps that did Camp & Furnace so if your expecting a log fire and couches you wont be disappointed. They also have an area called The Pillbox for parties and live music and has recently been used as a creative space and film club. IMG_4958 Yes its very “on trend” yes it has the obligatory bearded barmen (we are massive fans of the face fuzz so weren’t complaining) and yes they do Mac n Cheese and sliders like every new restaurant popping up but who cares. Frederiks Mac n Cheese comes topped with salt beef anyways so there! Don’t however do what Sarah did and pour Maple syrup on it. She had a headcase Heston moment and swears it was amazing, something me and the chef did not agree on. IMG_4968 The most popular dish on the menu is the pulled pork stack (us gals love a good pork) which comprises of 2 sweet waffles piled with juicy and lightly spiced  pulled pork and drizzled with the offending maple syrup. We promise you if you ever find yourselves on death row (probs for those sex crimes) and about to order your last ever meal then this has to be it. It was so good but so naughty it was the bad boy that had you in the alleyway then never called. The noises we made whilst eating this rivaled the famous When Harry met Sally scene which was slightly embarrassing, we would of given it a standing ovation if we hadn’t been so stuffed and couldn’t move. The reason being was that we had also pigged out on the babyback ribs smothered with a sticky strawberry and cinnamon glaze, which was a nice summery change form the usual BBQ sauce. We also had the biggest prawns we’ve ever seen perfectly cooked in a gorgeous salt & pepper spice. IMG_4967 We washed everything down with a few cocktails of course, make sure you try the Crystal cooler which was Prosecco, cucumber & blueberry voddy – delish. They also an amazing whisky cocktail topped with popcorn. IMG_4966 We were well looked after by Becky and Alex and we noted they really looked after the other diners also. Frederiks is just a really nice chilled place to hang out and have a few jars and makes a great starting point for a night out. we were expecting standard bar food but were blown away by the quality of the food. the prices are pretty reasonable for town and its certainly one of the cheaper places on Hope st. The sliders and small plates are perfect for sharing with mates and they do a Liverpool Sling cocktail, which is a big tick in our book. We will defo be back to try the Coca Cola sticky chicken. Love the Scousescran girls x

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Date Night at The Quarter

The Quarter, 10 Falkner Street, Liverpool, 0151 707 1965,, @TheQuarterLivpl

Our very own lonely heart Sarah has been spending her days swiping through dating apps so when the lovely folk at (check out their Liverpool dating page) contacted us and asked us to send her on a foodie date… And write about it, we simply couldn’t resist. For once, she wasn’t just boring us with ‘yet another’ dating story.

We set her up with a friend of a friend of a friend (you know how it goes) and sent them on their way to The Quarter, an Italian inspired independent restaurant set in the Georgian Quarter of Liverpool. This is the perfect place to visit at any time of the day, whether it be breakfast (if things went well the night before!), lunch, dinner or even just an Al-fresco glass of wine (although there’s probably more chance of a date with Brad Pitt than the British weather being on our side).


Over to Sarah…

I spent all day getting ready, convinced myself this one was definitely ‘The One’ and was awaiting… Let’s call him, Jack! Yes, that’s right, Jack was coming to pick me up from my apartment, admittedly only a 5 minute walk away but even so, a true gentlemen (this one’s a keeper)! As we arrived at The Quarter we were seated in one of the cute tables right by the window (perfect for people watching – just incase the conversation runs dry a little later on). After scanning the menu and covering all of the usual small talk bases we decided to take a step into the deep, dark dating world and… Share starters!!! We opted for a Parma Ham & Fig Salad and Chorizo Baked in Cider which was absolutely a winning choice, the chorizo melted in the mouth and would be a perfect winter warmer.


Things were going well, by the time the main courses had arrived I had resisted the urge to do a runner through the toilet windows. He ordered the classic Carbonara with freshly made Fettucine, and not wanting sauce all over my face I ordered the BBQ Smokey Joe pizza which was piled with chicken breast (the only breast he saw that night) and bacon. Both reasonably priced at £8.95.


We munched away and I laughed at all his crap jokes – don’t judge…  My phone battery lasts longer than my relationships these days. I attempted not to stare at the Carbonara sauce flicking all over his t-shirt and tried to look interested at his stories about working out at the gym (snore!) whilst daydreaming about the impending pudding. Well if opposites do attract then I should meet someone who gets up early and does stuff!

Don’t forget, it is date night and nothing says romantic more than Red Velvet cake and The Quarter certainly know how to make cakes!  Three layers of red sponge, each layer filled with cream cheese, only problem is “Jack doesn’t share”, he’s been watching way too much friends re-runs and might not make a second date in my opinion, but then who am I to talk, I’ve just licked my triple ice cream for all to see… I’m not even ashamed, he may as well learn early on that the only way to a girls heart is through her stomach.


The evening begins to draw to a close, now to the awkward bit, does he pay? Do I pay? Or do I offer to go dutch (mmm I do like a dutch man). Well he did invite me for dinner (sort of) and I have spent a small fortune on looking good so I reckon he’s lucky to have me as his date tonight, I might buy him a woo woo in the bar later!


All in all, I’ve actually had a lovely night, apart from ‘cake gate’, we’ve laughed about our previous dating experiences and he held my hand, so it must be going well, right??  I shall keep you posted, maybe the slippery nipples later will make him run a mile!

To be continued…


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Fajitas Mexican Bar and Grill

Fajitas Mexican Bar and Grill 373 Edge Lane, Liverpool, L7 9LQ, 0151 228 1567

Mention takeaways to us and immediately we think of hangover cravings, being sated with carb heavy, tasteless crap in a box but Hungryhouse has thrown a delicious spanner in the works and has tasked us with reviewing Fajitas Mexican Bar and Grill. Now, when we think of Mexican we think of Tequila, Fajitas, Sombreros and not forgetting Dee’s Dad (aka José)… But mainly Tequila (ariba ariba).

Now Fajitas Mexican Bar and Grill don’t deliver alcohol although this may be something for you to think about guys (wink, wink) but nonetheless us three amigos settled down for the evening, placed our fanjita order… We mean fajitas and tucked right on in!

To start we ordered skewered king prawns and cheese and onion quesadilla to share. The prawns were fat and juicy with a tasty marinade and the quesadillas were the perfect cheesy chow.

photo (8)

We were like three Mexican jumping beans as we tucked into our main courses. Sarah took the supersized option with a beefy ‘Beef Enchilada’ which was a cheeky combination of chilli and cheese… What’s not to love! After moaning she was full (5 minutes in) she still managed to power through until the end and lick the plate.

Dee(mandings) gluten free-ways meant she was slightly restricted with the menu choices however our super friendly compadres at Fajitas Mexican Bar and Grill soon pointed out the Mex-i-cans and Mex-i-can’ts! The chicken was succulent, large and in charge and with chips on the side all complimented each other perfectly… All in all, winner winner chicken dinner.

Sharron has been known to tongue a taco or two in her time and therefore naturally her order choice of the evening was a ‘Chilli Taco’. Very spicy and rammed with chopped tomatoes, onions and sour cream.

photo (7)

On the side to share we enjoyed chips, salad, rice and refried beans. The portions were absolutely massive… No complaints from us though as what girl doesn’t enjoy a decent sized portion!

Just when we thought we were out, those cheeky Mexican’s pulled us back in with dessert. Our Mexican amigos sure know how to spice their meat but they aren’t known for their desserts, therefore we were delighted to see some classic English favourites on the menu! We enjoyed sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream.

photo (9)

You know it’s been a good night when we’ve got our feet up on the couch and we’re unzipping our bursting onsies. Our top tip for the month is to go and order yourselves some tasty treats from

We guarantee it’ll be a twist on your taste buds and make a change from the usual Chinese or pizza filled Friday nights.

Until next time folks, we’re off to do la cucaracha…

Scousecran girls x

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Dominos pizza ~ thinking outside the box!!

Never ones to be able to keep a secret us Scousescran girlies have had to bite our lip and sit tightly on a project that has excited us mucho. So hold onto your imaginary hats and make sure your sitting down cos we are about to announce something that will blow your tiny minds…. you ready??

We have collaborated with Dominos pizza on a revolutionary edible pizza box!!!!! #DominosEdibox  (Sitting back while we let that sink in)

Check it out for yourselves on

Double the dough to dip in your garlic sauce and no rubbish to chuck away after! What more could you want? So there you are our gorgeous lill scranners, go forth and fill yer boots! No need to thank us. ;)

The Scousescran Girls x

Hotel Chocolat, Liverpool One

How lucky are we to be invited to Hotel Chocolat in Liverpool One!  This beautiful cocoa bar is like the Chanel of chocolate and has a very inviting, cozy, friendly atmosphere especially on this cold rainy night.


The store has been open since November but they are launching their chocolat bar cafe’ which tempts your tastebuds with pastries, luxury chocolate from all over the world and unusual (but gorgeous) cocoa tea, cocoa pasta, its cocoa crazy but we LOVED it!


Its one of over 70 Hotel Chocolat’s internationally and we like the idea of the restaurants, come on guys, Liverpool needs a chocolate based restaurant, check them out!





The staff were all so friendly and very knowledgeable on all things chocolate, they really seem to be pushing the boundaries of the chocolate world.


We enjoyed our taste trial of natural chocolate (no additives) and was amazed to taste how very different they all were, due to the climates and soil they are grown in. St Lucia is where they have their own cocoa plantation (our fave), it tastes of rum raisin, also we tasted chocolate from Venezuela, this was quite oaky (is that even a word?) and Vietnam which naturally tastes like quite bitter citrus, you either love or hate it (like marmite!)


Thank you for our guided tour of chocolate, who knew all the benefits it can have on our body and mind, and thank you for our goodie bags!


Dont forget one of our Scouse Scran girls wants a job!


10 of the best restaurants in Liverpool

Merseyside food bloggers Scouse Scran choose ten of the best restaurants in Liverpool for any budget…

best restaurants in liverpool
[Picture: Ian / Flickr / CC]

It’s certain that Liverpool has a buzz like no other city. We are constantly surprised when we turn up to the latest restaurant to find people queuing out of the door… To think anyone could turn away the famous four Scouse Scran girls – don’t they know who we are?!

We like to spend our days eating our way around the city, whether we are enjoying a glammed up girl’s night or cheap mid-week eats, we’re constantly sampling the new independent restaurants or enjoying our favourite meals from the high-street chains. You couldn’t fail to be impressed by the variety of food on offer, ranging from speciality cuisines to a secret supper club.


The Brink

brink liverpool - best restaurants in liverpool

The Brink is a revolutionary venue that’s so much more than your usual café bar. They’ve taken alcohol out of the mix to provide a truly welcoming, creative and intelligent space where people from all backgrounds and walks of life can dine, hang out, socialise and relax. The sausage hot pot is the perfect meal to accompany any occasion! Best of all, The Brink is a recovery social enterprise, which means that all the profits go directly back into the community to fund support for those who have suffered through alcoholism and addiction.

21 Parr St, Liverpool, UK L1 4JN, (0151 703 0582,

Lucha Libre

lucha libre - best restaurants in liverpool

Forget Americanized versions of Mexican classics, leave behind any notions of fancy, stylised plates and haute cuisine. This is down and dirty Mexican street food. The kind of food you would find if you were backpacking through Mexico and eating your meals at local roadside restaurants and street carts. In keeping with the ‘street food’ concept, the menu is sectioned into Nibbles and Small Plates, Salads, Street Food, Large Plates and trays for two to share – something for every budget. Afterwards, head downstairs to Maya, Lucha’s late night cocktail bar.

96 Wood St, Liverpool, UK L1 4DQ, (0151 329 0200,

Baltic Social

elevator studios - best restaurants in liverpool
[Elevator Studios - picture: Google]

The Baltic Social is the latest opening in the new cool quarter of Liverpool, ‘The Baltic Triangle’, complete with its very own quirky cinema style seating. This is the perfect place for beers and bites after work on a Friday evening, and the burgers definitely get the thumbs up from us burger loving girls. However, hands down we would argue Baltic Social’s roasts are among the best in Liverpool… Does life get any better than a good reasonably priced roast followed by a peanut butter chocolate layer cake? Mmmm.

Elevator Studios, 25 Parliament Street, Liverpool, (

Chris’ Pop Up Kitchen @ Cuthbert’s Bakehouse

cuthberts bakehouse - est restaurants in liverpool

Chris’ Kitchen gives customers the chance to try some homemade, bespoke, excellent quality and value menus, after Cuthbert’s baking hours. The welcoming staff and cosy surroundings are the perfect combination for a highly enjoyable evening. Whether you’re looking for a light bite or some Good ol’ Pie ‘n Mash then Chris’s food will not disappoint your taste buds or your wallet. Chris prides himself in using only the finest and freshest ingredients, utilising organic and locally sourced produce whenever possible.

103 Mt Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5TB, (0844 245 8612,


Madge’s Gaff

mystery - best restaurants in liverpool

If you are a ‘Come Dine with Me’ fan then Madge’s Gaff is definitely for you. Madge runs a secret supper club in the leafy suburbs of Childwall. Once a month Madge hosts a themed evening with a password required upon entry! £25 per person (bring your own alcohol) will treat you to a five-course themed spectacular. Our experience at Madge’s was quite simply an 11 out of 10 – not only was her food above and beyond restaurant quality, her hosting skills were second to none, so much so that we didn’t want to go home (Madge did actually consider renting out her spare room to us).

Secret Location! (

Neon Jamon

neon jamon - best restaurants in liverpool

Neon Jamon is a new edition to the Penny Lane area of Liverpool, describing themselves as a tapas/cava/deli/bar, and the tapas we sampled (there was a lot of it) was mouth-wateringly good! Malaga Style Little Squids; Chorizo and Morcilla (Spanish black pudding for those not in the know); Staw Fries & Eggs (aka egg and chips) to name just a few. It’s a short drive outside of the city centre but well worth the journey. Be warned they don’t take bookings for small parties, but it is definitely worth the wait for a table.

12 Smithdown Place, Liverpool, L15 9EH, (

Est Est Restaurant & Bar

est est - best restaurants in liverpool

The leafy Liverpool suburb of Aigburth welcomed its newest addition in November in the form of the stylish Italian restaurant, Est Est. We could not have been any more impressed with our visit there; we’re still craving another sublime lasagne weeks later, but the staff truly did go above and beyond. The restaurant manager arranged for separate pan fried chips for our gluten free girl… A* for service! Head here for some homemade classics, just like Mama used to make.

380 Aigburth Rd, Liverpool, L17 6AE, (0151 427 1155,


Gusto Bar & Restaurant

gusto liverpool - best restaurants in liverpool

Gusto, based at the Albert Dock, is a real dining experience from beginning to end – beautiful cocktails, food and ambiance all combine effortlessly to make this an experience you won’t forget. Not only is the food sublime but the staff really do go the extra mile, recommending their choice of wine for each of your courses. Or why not attend one of their cocktail master classes? We had no idea how many ingredients were used to make a Bellini.

Edward Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AF, (0151 708 6969, website)

Alma de Cuba

alma de cuba - best restaurants in liverpool

Alma de Cuba restaurant and bar is situated in the former St Peter’s Catholic Church on Seel Street and it is the first church in Liverpool to be turned into a social venue. The bar and restaurant are lit by candles and they scatter rose petals from the upper restaurant level at midnight – the perfect romantic setting! Not only is the food incredible but we can highly recommend the cocktails too.

St Peters Church, Back Seel St, Liverpool, L1 4BH, (0151 702 7394,


Chaophraya - best restaurants in liverpool

Chaophraya is a Thai restaurant located in the centre of Liverpool, based in Chavasse Park. It is well worth a visit for the ambience alone. They offer private dining areas with sunken seats and even perform a birthday ritual on your special day. We can’t get enough of their hot and spicy selections! After your meal you can head to the bar next door, ‘Palm Sugar’, for a few tipples of your choice.

Liverpool One, 5-6 Kenyon’s Steps, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 3DF, (0151 707 6323, website)

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Madge’s Gaff – Home dining supperclub

“Of all the gin all the world..”

Our next culinary journey took an unexpected turn and we found ourselves not in another restaurant but in the leafy suburbs of Childwall and in the home of Madge, queen of Madge’s Gaff,  Liverpools first home supperclub. If you’re a “Come Dine With Me” fan, then this is one for you.

We had been promised a Christmas Moroccan feast and had been tormented regularly with menu teasers and photos of ingredients on Twitter and Facebook, so when we acquired our password to gain entry for the night, we could barely contain our excitement.

Scouse Scran girls

Scouse Scran girls

Stood on the step in our Crimbo jumpers whispering through the door “play it again Madge” we were soon whisked inside by a large man in a Fez (Madge’s partner in crime Wayne) who was brandishing a silver tray of sugar rimmed cocktails. They both welcomed us into their lovely home and we were made to feel really relaxed. Like one of the family in fact (we are waiting for the adoption papers to come through at anytime).

Madges special cocktails

Madges special cocktails

It wasn’t hard to love Madge. She is so warm and has a twinkle in her eye, you can see she loves to feed people and gets a massive amount of enjoyment from being the “hostess with the mostest”. She goes all out and researches her menus down to the last spice and her hard work certainly pays off as the food she produces is top quality.

Madges Moroccan  Feast menu

Madges Moroccan Feast menu

We were seated in the “good room” as the guests slowly arrived, Madge’s friends and family making up the numbers, 12 of us in total. With Casablanca playing in the background we stuffed ourselves with cheese briouats – a kind of fancy cheese pasty, the pastry was light and the filling very tasty and we washed them down with a spiced pumpkin soup shot which we all had seconds and thirds of.  Madge had also made Dee a special stuffed fig dish which disappeared in seconds.

Cheese Brioats

Cheese Briouats

GORGEOUS Pumpkin Soup Shot

GORGEOUS Pumpkin Soup Shot

With our Christmas jumpers and the pumpkin shots giving us a rosy glow we moved into the dining room and were whisked away to the souk with the brightly coloured lanterns decorating the table and rose petals dotted in between the mezze platters overflowing with Madges famous chicken patties (if they’re not famous they certainly should be!) topped with a date confit also aubergine salads, roasted red pepper hummus , yoghurt dip, olives and warm freshly made flat breads. The wine flowed and the plates soon emptied…….

Mazgaldi of Onions on Croutons

Chicken Patties

Chicken Patties

Heres looking at you Madge!

Being at Madge’s gaff is to feel like Henry the 8th except we ladies use utensils!  The non stop courses of delectable offerings.  Move over Nigella (well the less said about that, the better). Madge has a wonderfully entertaining presence that the BBC are missing out on and her cooking skills are second to none.

Madges Moroccan Feast

Madge’s Moroccan Feast

We were fired up for the main dish, Lamb tagine with apricots (gf) and couscous or fried potatoes and although one scouse scranner can’t deal with soft food and the other scranner can’t deal with fruity food, this dish was DEVOURED by all of us and some! Third helpings were going on, it was a bit shameful!  Same time next week eh Madge!

Lamb Tagine with apricot  & Couscous

Lamb Tagine with apricot & Couscous

Pomegranates to sprinkle

Pomegranates to sprinkle

Please Madge can we have some more!



“Orange is the only fruit”

Just when we thought we couldn’t possible squeeze in another morsel… Along came dessert! Especially to cater for our very our Dee(manding), Madge made chocolate, orange and almond cake with orange syrup, honey and orange flavoured yoghurt AND fresh oranges with cinnamon with a gorgeous twist, chilli flakes!  Sarah in her true greedy fashion had pretty much eaten the entire orange before the plate was put down in front of her (who doesn’t love a good palate cleanser). The cake was hands down one of the best gluten free delights we have sampled (believe us – we’ve been subjected to a lot), most of the table in fact didn’t actually realise it was gluten free.

Chocolate, orange, almond & chili flake cake

Chocolate, orange, almond & chili flake cake

Madge has taken her inspiration from the supper club legend Ms Marmite (Google her), the pop up/supper club/underground restaurant movement is massive in London town and we’re super excited that this new foodie trend is making it’s way Liverpoolwards. What a perfect opportunity to sample some fine food and make new friends in the process – a highly enjoyable way to spend a Saturday evening or perhaps when working away from home and not wanting to eat alone in a restaurant.

Ms Marmite's Supper Club Book

Ms Marmite’s Supper Club Book

Our night at Madge’s was quite simply an 11 out of 10, not only was her food above and beyond restaurant quality, her hosting skills were second to none, so much so that we didn’t want to go home (Wayne did consider setting up the triple bunk bed for us). Our top tip for 2014 is to take a trip to Madge’s Gaff, her next supper club will take place on the 29th January and previous themes have included Italian and 70′s – we’ll certainly be heading back for more!

Play it again Madge!

Chris's pop up kitchen at Cuthberts Bakehouse
Chris’s pop up kitchen at Cuthberts Bakehouse

Cuthberts on Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, are opening its doors after dark!  

From the 12th November onwards the gorgeous hidden gem Cuthberts Bakehouse will turn into Chris’s Pop Up kitchen, Monday to Friday from 5pm to 9pm.

@Chris_Kitchen gives customers the chance to try some homemade, bespoke, excellent quality and value menu’s, after Cuthbert’s baking hours and who better to sample his fares, non other than the Scouse Scran girls!

Head chef Chris prides himself in using only the finest and freshest ingredients, utilizing organic and locally sourced produce whenever possible.  Chef Chris is a fully qualified and experienced chef, baker & cake decorator based in Liverpool. He studied Art & Design in college and later on decided to become a chef. Since then, he has worked his way up the ladder for the last 14 years working in the catering industry and has now turned into a wonderful caterer. He has worked in top fresh food only restaurants.

​Chef Chris has a strong artistic and ethical background, therefore, he chooses to employ only organic, locally sourced, seasonal and fresh ingredients whenever possible.​

​Chris’ Kitchen was Chris’ first independent venture and after setting up in Woolton Village, he decided to move on to the next chapter in Liverpool’s busy City Centre.

We were invited along to the quaint surroundings of Chris’s Pop up Kitchen based in Cuthberts Bake House near the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and as Chris has only been open for three weeks, we weren’t sure what to expect, but the staff were so welcoming and it was a really cozy christmassy vibe that suits us down to the ground as we’ve started wearing our christmas novelty jumpers (to be seen another time).

You can’t go wrong with the Autumn menu..

Chris's pop up kitchen at Cuthberts Bakehouse - Autumn menu
Chris’s pop up kitchen at Cuthberts Bakehouse – Autumn menu

Even though we are two taste testers down tonight, it didn’t stop us from getting into the swing of things.

Dee was chuffed to bits with her (gluten free) Tender steak, served with crispy chunky chips, peas, cherry tomatoes and creamy peppercorn sauce (her fave dish ever!).Sarah pencil dived into the massive Good ‘ole’ Pie ‘n’ mash, (Chicken and leak pie in a creamy sauce, encrust in short crust pastry, topped with a fluffy puff pastry lid ) served with velvety mashed potato, pea’s and Chris’s own gravy for the brilliant price of £7.95

Tender steak and Good ole pie n mash
Tender steak and Good ole pie n mash

The wonderful deserts provided by Cuthberts Bakehouse did not disappoint, far from it, Dee is ordering a load of Gluten Free Almond Torte AND Choc cake (they must of heard she’s a bit greedy!), Sarah went for the Millionaire shortbread cake which was polished off, no plate washing for us tonight!

Christmas Evening Menu

Served from 5pm to 9pm, why not try their festive Christmas Evening Menu available from the 2nd to 23rd December.

Chris's pop up kitchen at Cuthberts Bakehouse - Christmas menu
Chris’s pop up kitchen at Cuthberts Bakehouse – Christmas menu

Lazy Sundayz

All day roast dinners available from 12-9pm which we are most definitely going to try!  Vegetarians welcome too!

Sunday Roasts at Chris's kitchen
Sunday Roasts at Chris’s kitchen

Theres a roast just for you, choose 1, 2 or 3 course Sunday Roast dinners then Cuthbert’s dessert’s to accompany!

Sunday Roast dinner menu at Chris's kitchen
Sunday Roast dinner menu at Chris’s kitchen

Note:  Menu subject to change. Any specific dietary requirements MUST be notified in advance of booking. Bookings essential.  Non-refundable deposit of £10/head required when booking for parties of 5 or more.)


103 Mt Pleasant,
L3 5TB
P: 0151 709 9912 / 07591919297
T: @chris_kitchen​
Facebook: Chris’ Kitchen at Cuthbert’s

Chris’s Pop up kitchen at Cuthberts Bakehouse


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